I am studying with my buddy Pooh…

… and suddenly I am writing a blogpost, ’cause you see it went like this…
Started studying, wanted to look something up on the internet, got tired, got into facebook, suddenly I am reading about breast milk class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-149″ /> jewelry (and yeah it is what it sounds like). So that’s when I decided I might as well share this to a) show just how distracted one can get b) because I am tired c) if there is anyone else out there who is just like me (trying to get some work done, but can’t seem to find the “exit-the-internet”-button) maybe it will encourage you that you are not alone!

Time again

I am waiting for my train. I got twentie minutes before it leaves propably at least ten until it arrives. There are two girls, maybe in their early teens, sitting next to me discussing their blogs so I thought – hey maybe I should blogg some.
So well my day has so far pretty much been wake up and go to school. I learned about epiphiliacells and skin today (yeah :p). This morning I actually ate breakfast at home but got so hungry that I bought a second breakfast in the station.
I think I’m just gonna listen a little bit more to those two maybe at most 13 year olds about if they blogged today.
See ya soon!