Back again…

I am sorry I haven’t written anything on my blog since Christmas. I just finished my second high school year and it felt like time just flew away and suddenly here I am, and just have one year of school left. I can not even try to explain how that feels. I mean school is like everything I have ever known since I was six years old and suddenly that just will go away? It’s kind of freaking me out, so I try not to think about it (or at least not for now) and instead enjoy the schooltime I have left (which for this term only is one week). Well I just wanted to update you and I promise I will post more often now. Every post might not be that serious but I hope you enjoy all of them =)


… and in my family it was even about improvising this year.

This year we did get a real christmas tree, and do not use the one of plastic (at least not only that one). But when we had bought our tree, a huge problem came up. Because we had no christmas tree for so many years, we had no idea how we should set it up, so that it won’t fall or something like that. Well, we did not have any of these christmastreethings were you just place the tree in and then it stands save, steady and perfectly straight. So what did we do? I suggested we should search on the Internet after a solution for our problem, and it did not take long before I (with a little help of my sister) found what I had searched. For placing the christmas tree we needed a crate of beer. That was all. But no one in my family drinks beer, so we went to the store and bought a crate without the beer ( which was quite funny, because the ones that were in the line before us, only bought beer without the crate.). When we came home, we placed the tree in the crate, filled the rest with paper, stones and bottles with lemonade (to make the tree stand steady), wrapped aluminium foil around it to make it look nicer and in the end we placed on the little chair it was supposed to stand on to make it look nicer, and wrapped aluminium foil around the chair, too.

In the picture you can see the resulte, which I am personally impressed of. By the way it were my sister and I who decorated the tree, but my mother who chose the decorations.

When the tree was set up, and looked really beautiful, my sister wanted to set up the crib.  After searching through all boxes with christmas stuff, we found that the Mary, Joseph and Jesus were missing. And once again we improvised, or to be honest it was my sister who got creative. She built her own characters from modeling clay, and you can see that they are really pretty.

So now we are going to make the last things ready for to night, finish the last presents or maybe we will bake or something, before we go to chirch tonight, together with my grandmother.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Happy feet

Have you ever watched the movie Happy feet?

Well if you don’t than you can surely find a description of the film on the Internet. Theoretically it is a film for children, and I think many people think that the statement of the film is to tell children ( and their parents, too) that it is okay to be different from the others and that no one ever should bring you down because of who you are.

But I am really sure there is a second statement placed in the film, that is for us, who have grown out of childhood. The penguins in the film are near to starve because someone or something steels there fish. They have no explanation for that, they are after all, only penguins. But the fact is that humans, we, steel there fish and would make them starve to death, if Mumble, the main character in the film would not rescue them, and make the humans stop fishing. But in real life there are no penguins, who tell us to stop fishing, because they will starve. In real life we often do not think about where our food comes from before we put it in our mouths. In real life we destroy our world by for example fishing the fish that animals like  penguins or dolphins need to survive. Many people may think that they do not care if the dolphins or the penguins do die. But in the end, it affects every single person on this planet. Between three and 130 species die out for ever EVERY DAY! Can you imagine that? I mean you can say: What do I care if some species of frogs die out in the rain forest? But these frogs were more than just frogs. They were a part of the circle of life and if we keep on pulling things out of this circle, one day it is going to crush down. And that day, we will all wish that we would have taken better care of our world.