On my way home <3

The last couple of weeks have been tough on me. During november we had two hours of sun during the whole month, and I didn’t catch any because I had an exame right then. I also got started on new medication for my pain and if you would describe me in one word right now it would propably be tired. I am on my way home for christmas breake and I am really exited about it, though I have both forgotten my medicine and several presents (and that’s only what I have discovered so far, and I have only been away for a couple of hours). I also forgot to do a lot of things I was supposed to, but I guess I have to ask Jonas (my boyfriend) to fix them or just deal with that they weren’t done.
It isn’t even 4 p.m. and already dark so I am kind of thankful for (hopefully) getting to a little lighter place for a while. Whish me luck, because I have to change to another train in about two hours and I only have 10 minutes to do so. Happy holidays!


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