So, it’s my third day of activly training 30 min each day and the scale said that I lost 0,2 kg already. I know that this can be due to meassurement errors but it would be nice to think that training actually does make a difference. I am gonna try to keep you updated on my progress. See ya!


Do you know that feeling when you are like totally exhausted but you just feel like you can’t go to sleep yet? So you just sit there and do practically nothing, just waiting for time to move along. I am there right now, but that actually got me blogging, so that’s good. Well, I guess I get back to just starring at my computer and wait for dinner to be ready, then eat and then fall asleep. Don’t let the bed bugs bite 😉

When you see something good…

…you just have to try it, right? So I saw this receipe for apple pie fries (link down below) and just thought I have to try this, like, now! But as always I hade to come up with my own receipe first, since it can’t contain gluten, milk (read lactose) or egg.

So the first step for something like this is to get a general idea what the original receipe would create. Will it be a crust, a filling, a topping etc etc. Furthermore you want to get a general idea of which kind of texture the original receipe would have, what kind of dough the original ingrediens would create. Finally you’ll have to come up with ingrediens that can substitue or complement to the original receipe. In the end, most times, you will have made your very own receipe that will have quite few things in common with the original.

Well, I’m gonna let you know how it turned out (if it doesn’t go really, really bad then maybe I will just “forget” about it). Until then you can try the original receipe yourself:

As for the “caramel ketchup” I just use 3/4 cup lactose-free cream, 3/4 cup sugar, 1/3 cup of  sugar syrup and a little vanilla. Stirr it all together in a saucepan until the sugar has resolved and it’s got a nice color and texture -done!

I would love to hear about your experience with the receipes so please comment down below and link to your pictures!