Young in Action

…everything can break, but a heart can break into a thousand pieces. If you say you are my friend, then surely it is true.

The last ten days I have participated in a ”Youth in Action” exchange program that should help improving the cooperation between different countries in the EU.

The countries that took part were Sweden, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Hungary and Slovenia.

The place where the exchange took place is called Rogla and it’s a skiing place in Slovenia.

Now I am on my way back home again and the lyrics of the song in the title could not be more suitable.

I am sitting on the plane that is going to bring me back home, and sure I can look down at the clouds and see that the sky over them is blue even though from the earth it looked like the sky was really grey. What it actually means is of course metaphoric and means that there always is a light at the end of the tunnel, but that you of course can stop believing in that light when you don’t see it. And right now, that really is true for me, because it just feels heavy to get home.

And of course you will (hopefully) keep contact with people. But that really is not the same thing, and it’s never going to be again.

Many of the persons that you met you might never meet again, and that does hurt – it feels like there is someone standing and making my heart smaller or if their were little animals eating holes in it.

I mean of course it seems a bit ridiculous if you think about that you just know them for about one week, but it is surprising how strong feelings can get even under that short period of time.

This morning, at 4 o clock the Italians did leave and there was just one person in the group I am really going to miss, so I did not cry then. Even when we left together with the portuguese and a few of the greeks and said good-bye to every one that was left I felt ok. When I did say good-bye to the nice greeks, I still felt ok – maybe because it all felt really unreal.

But when we had to say good-bye to the portuguese to get on our plane it felt like my feet did not want to move ever again. I started crying and there were others getting tears in their eyes, too. It felt unreal but at the same time so really painfully.

They have been my favorite group, but of course I liked the other groups at well; we had real fun together.

When did take of my pullover a moment ago, I did see the ”autograph” that one of the portuguese wrote on my arm and I had to cry again.

Ok, I am very sentimental. But I think it is good to express your feelings.

Now I am going to try to sleep a while and try not to think about if I will ever see my new friends again.