… and in my family it was even about improvising this year.

This year we did get a real christmas tree, and do not use the one of plastic (at least not only that one). But when we had bought our tree, a huge problem came up. Because we had no christmas tree for so many years, we had no idea how we should set it up, so that it won’t fall or something like that. Well, we did not have any of these christmastreethings were you just place the tree in and then it stands save, steady and perfectly straight. So what did we do? I suggested we should search on the Internet after a solution for our problem, and it did not take long before I (with a little help of my sister) found what I had searched. For placing the christmas tree we needed a crate of beer. That was all. But no one in my family drinks beer, so we went to the store and bought a crate without the beer ( which was quite funny, because the ones that were in the line before us, only bought beer without the crate.). When we came home, we placed the tree in the crate, filled the rest with paper, stones and bottles with lemonade (to make the tree stand steady), wrapped aluminium foil around it to make it look nicer and in the end we placed on the little chair it was supposed to stand on to make it look nicer, and wrapped aluminium foil around the chair, too.

In the picture you can see the resulte, which I am personally impressed of. By the way it were my sister and I who decorated the tree, but my mother who chose the decorations.

When the tree was set up, and looked really beautiful, my sister wanted to set up the crib.  After searching through all boxes with christmas stuff, we found that the Mary, Joseph and Jesus were missing. And once again we improvised, or to be honest it was my sister who got creative. She built her own characters from modeling clay, and you can see that they are really pretty.

So now we are going to make the last things ready for to night, finish the last presents or maybe we will bake or something, before we go to chirch tonight, together with my grandmother.

Merry Christmas, everyone!