Ice everywhere

In the town where I live there is snow and ice everywhere! I like snow, but it is annoying when you can not go anywhere without being extremely careful where you put your feet, because otherwise you will find your self laying on your back in the snow immediately. When I went to school in the morning, I did not only feel the snow under my feet, but even did hear the sound of the ice crashing under my shoes. And that is the dangerous thing: the snow falls so fast, that it lays down on the frozen snow, that turns into ice. You think that you can go safe there the snow is laying but in reality you can not see where it is safe to go, because the ice is hiding under the layer of snow.

I do not hazard to take the bicycle to school in this weather and you can not imagine how irritating it is that all of the buses are late all the time. Although I know that it is not there fault and I think it is better that they drive safe and come late than that they drive in normal speed and crash, it is really unpleasant to stand in the cold and wait. But at least the buses do come eventually.


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